A Java program to download and package the multiple pages that make up a digital document on the NAA web site at

You need Java version 1.5 or newer installed on your computer to be able to use this program. This web page will attempt to determine whether you need to install Java first, or whether it can start the installation for you.

Once you have the program installed and running, enter the barcode for the document you want. These barcodes are found on the NAA web site, as part of the description of the item. You can enter multiple barcodes at once, provided you put a space between each one.

If the NAA item description does not have a link to a digital document, then this program won't work for that barcode.

This program is not very forgiving of network errors. If your internet connection breaks, or if the NAA web site is particularly slow, the download will stop with an error message. The simplest solution is to try again.