About Coherent Software

Coherent Software started business in 1989, creating software to help small businesses compete more effectively. Our first product helped building estimators quickly and easily generate accurate estimates of materials requirements and costs.

Since 1989 we have helped many small and medium businesses move parts of their workload away from busy people and on to the computer. Our software is customised to the needs of the client: we create different programs to solve different problems. Tasks our custom software applications now manage include

  • automatically generating quotes and planning drawings from a set of requirements
  • managing the tracking of orders
  • booking freight companies and producing matching shipping documentation
  • case and document management
  • data validation and correction
  • data analysis
  • determining the cheapest shipping option
  • managing tasks related to share trading
  • simulations
  • expert systems
  • automatically generating a specification from requirements

We are the developers of Bonsai ERP, an affordable Enterprise Resource Planning system for Australian small and medium business.

We also supply instructors for technical short courses.

Coherent Software is currently based in Cheltenham, Victoria, Australia, a suburb in the south-east of Melbourne.

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