tmg2gramps is a program written to convert my family tree in The Master Genealogist V6 to a format Gramps can import. Creating this program required me to first gain some understanding of the TMG V6 database format. Once I had converted my data successfully I decided to make the program and what I learnt available to others. It is my hope this will increase the inter-operability between The Master Genealogist, Gramps, and other genealogy programs to the benefit of all.

There are two sets of files available. First are the documents that summarise what I know about the TMG V6 database format. To have any hope of understanding them you will probably need to be familiar with database design. Knowledge of xBase files (particularly FoxPro) would probably be an advantage, as would some knowledge of the use of The Master Genealogist.

Second are the files that make up the tmg2gramps program. To use this program you will need a TMG database (V6, other versions may or may not work), MySQL, Perl, MySQL and xBase DBI Perl connectors. If you know Perl you could probably change the program to work with another database, such as Postgresql.

The Master Genealogist Database Format

You can download a single tar.gz containing all the files, or download each file separately.


You can download just the README file, or the entire program in a tar.gz

Further Information

The Master Genealogist was developed by Wholly Genes. It was discontinued in 2014.

Gramps is a quality open source genealogy program available for Linux. The Gramps Project manages it.

For further details about tmg2gramps, please see the README file included with it.

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